Nice to meet you, pleasure is all yours...

Unleashing my divine femininity as a Professional dominatrix in the Femdom community. Embracing the world of kink with pride and passion. I've been apart of the world of kink for over 2 years - in search of souls who understand that "normal" is just a setting on the dryer.

I'm located in Georgia, basically on the Georgia/SC line, but you can always FMTY if you don't want to come visit. I am a Sadist by the way, and physical pain isn't the only way I get my fix. My kinks are listed here as well as on my intake form, I don't offer anything I'm not into or curious to try.

And don't let my cute face fool you. I also enjoy the Darker Sadistic side of BDSM. If your pain level is 9+ then you have no choice but to join my world of dark fun....

Chrystal Ruchard standing in doorway
Chrystal Ruchard standing in doorway

Atlanta, GA: April 26-28, 2024
Memphis, TN: May 17-19, 2024
Cruise: June 8th- 17th, 2024
Columbia, SC: June 28-30, 2024




Other Doms and Mommy are more then welcome to reach out to me through my contact information or socials.

Will be hosting a Femdom brunch, future date is to be announced

November 2021- A simple taste in the world of BDSM
October 2022- Decided to fully submerge myself in the world of a Prodomme

May 2023- First solo session of pegging ( a blast btw)

November 2023- First little and officially decided to emerge myself in the world of ABDL

My methods

Sensory Depravation

Focus on one sense while I deprive you of another... if not all of your other senses. From sight, taste, smell, hearing and of course touch.

Temperature Play

You ever had ice in your ass? Hot wax on your chest?.... Well that's some things that I love to do in temperature play


Someone who gets pleasure from sadism (causing pain) and from masochism (ejoying it). But I'm more sadist and I came to inflict some pain


I prioritize the physical and emotional well-being of my submissive create a safe and consensual environment for exploration and play.... while I still f8ck you up

My Possession

The session was amazing, I want another one so bad... I loved not being able to breathe underneath you... ...My favorite part was when you drowned me with your golden shower


"Of course Goddess"