Goddess Chrystal Ruchard

I'm a Professional Dominatrix and I came to play with you for my own amusement. I came to Dominate.

Ebony Dominatrix

My methods



highly trained and experienced individual who specializes in providing BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Sadism, and Masochism) services to consenting adults

Mommy Dom

provides guidance, discipline, and affection to the "little" partner, creating a sense of safety and nurturing within the power exchange dynamic


short for female dominance, refers to a specific subgenre within the BDSM community where women assume dominant roles over men


the dominant exerts control over the submissive's financial resources and often demands monetary tributes or gifts as a form of submission



Before being able to book any sessions, it is mandatory to participate in public meets or video meets. These meetings provide an opportunity form us to connect and catch a better vibe for each other. It also allows individuals to ask any questions or seek clarification on any concerns they may have.




It's exactly what it says, we meet at an atm, park/ public location and you hand over the f*cking cash that we either pre negotiated or until your account is dry


I had a wonderful time with Goddess, who alternate easily between gentle and sweet. Playing my senses like a violin, but always in firm control

Baby Ry

Thank you mommy for babysitting last night. It was such a amazing time and you did such a amazing job as a mommy dom. I felt so comfortable and little in your control and secure. It was such a fun time. Thank you again

Happy slaves


Looking to serve?

Ask me nicely and I'll get back with you